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For shower doors, OnTrack Sliding Door Repair offers a variety of shower and tub enclosure options. We offer a number of repair and new installation options to accommodate the style and overall comfort for your liking.  Turn your bathroom in to your own personal spa!

  • Frameless, semi frameless, framed
  • Clear and obscure glass shower doors
  • 3/8″ and 1/2″ Heavy Frameless Glass
  • Sliding, pivoting, swinging shower doors
  • Steam shower enclosures
  • Fast lead and installation time
  • A variety of hardware finishes to suit your shower door needs


Complete line of shower doors

On Track offers a complete bath and shower door line. From custom shower enclosures to bathtub and sliding shower doors. We can accommodate any architectural style or functional need. These high-quality products are durable and of superior quality protecting your bathroom floor from splashes or sprays while giving the space an elegant, relaxing feel.   Take a moment to view the examples below!


Fun facts:

  • On average, a shower uses less water than a bath.  Nearly half in fact: 21 gallons versus 40 gallons.
  • The original showers were… waterfalls! (Ancient people began “copying” waterfalls by pouring jugs of water over themselves after washing).
  • Early modern showers began to appear in England around 1767.  While mechanical in operation, they were hand-pumped… a far cry from what we have today!
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Door and Panel on tub with notch for stool and apron as well as shower seat coped tile notch
frameless shower enclosure
Before - The owner of this home was tired using a shower curtain to keep water out of the tub.
OnTrack installed a new glass shower door in this bathroom
This opening had a shower door that was corroded and falling apart - OnTrack San Diego replaced it with quality hardware.
We replaced an old corroded shower door - OnTrack Sliding Door Repair San Diego
We replace worn shower doors and replace them with quality hardware
OnTrack installs and replaces shower doors
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